As a Junckers and Boen approved maintenance contractor we can bring your old tired floor back to life.

All hard wood flooring has a different life expectancy but this can be extended through regular maintenance and care.

Sports facilities in particular receive heavy foot traffic and use on a daily basis. Implementing a regular maintenance regime will ensure your floor is at its best at all times, will avoid the floor becoming a hazard due to a slippery surface and will help protect any court markings or lines on the floor. Junckers flooring will warrant all floor installations only if regular maintenance is carried out as per the Junckers Cleaning and maintenance guidelines. It is recommended that all sports floors receive a chemical clean and extra coat of lacquer every 12 – 18 months.

We only use the most up to date lacquers and oils and pride ourselves on a flexible and efficient service. Out of hours work and weekend work can be accommodated to avoid disruption to the daily running of a business.

All our installations come with full cleaning advice and a maintenance regime which is carefully put together by our aftercare team. Visits and quotations for maintenance are carried out free of charge and if required, a bespoke long term maintenance regime can be implemented.

Maintaining your floor little and often will avoid the need for the more costly sand and seals.

Case Study

Bush Mead Primary School